All Jazmine Beauty products are made vegan, cruelty-free, clean, safe, and sustainable. To us, it’s all about the power of ingredients and full transparency – no surprises here!


Grapefruit Extract

Evens complexion & fights off free radicals.

Sunflower Seed Oil

Anti-inflammatory properties that help decrease roughness.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Reduces redness, calms irritated skin, & prevents clogged pores

Safflower Seed Oil

Helps fight acne, wrinkles, and dry skin.

White Tea

Helps to eliminate free radicals that lead to premature aging.

Willow Bark Extract

Contains salicylic acid to help fight off acne

Avocado Oil

Contains Vitamins A, D, & E to retain skin moisture.

Deep Sea Water

Mineral rich to soothe & strengthen skin barrier.

Hyaluronic Acid

Retains skin moisture & promotes anti-aging.

Ingredients we stay away from

Clean beauty starts from within, that’s why we have a list of ingredients we stay away from which showcases ingredients that are linked to health or environmental issues. That’s why we decided to skip out on the “junk” when formulating our products.

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